Enigma Sphere has Powered Up!

Enigma Sphere: Enhanced Edition is now available for download.

Get the most out of your game with new game modes!

What is Enigma Sphere?

Enigma Sphere is a room escape themed action-puzzle game built from the ground up for VR.
Find the Spheres and solve the puzzles hidden in each stage to advance the game.

Built for VR

Making full use of the HTC Vive and Oculus Touch controllers, players can rest assured that even their most subtle movements and actions and will be accurately tracked in-game. Become completely immersed as you feel the Spheres shattering - in true room-scale VR.

Multiplayer Excitement

Play alone or with a friend online. Team up with other Agents to solve hidden puzzles and defend planet earth! Built-in voice chat encourages communication between players and allows them to work together to solve even the most challenging puzzles.
Make new friends and connect in new ways. There’s nothing like a high-five after working together to complete a particularly challenging puzzle!

Facing a New Threat

The story begins with the sudden appearance of mysterious cybernetic beings set on destroying the planet earth with a weapon capable of destruction on a planetary scale.
The player assumes the role of a Super Agent - a member of an elite team of hackers charged with taking control of the androids protecting this super weapon, and using them to destroy the "Spheres" vital to its operation and survival.

Enigma Sphere Controls

Welcome, agent.

Our team has successfully hacked into a number of androids in close proximity to the Planet Destroyer Weapon.

I’ll explain the basics of how to control a compromised android.

Time is short, so pay attention!

Game Basics

Use Quick

Movement to

explore an area


Use hammers

to destroy

the Spheres

Destroy the


Energy Cores to

advance to the

next stage

Movement (Button)

Press the middle button to display a destination target.

Let go of the button to instantly warp to that location.

Pull the trigger to grip hammers and levers.

Swing your arm and let go of the trigger to throw.

Grip (Trigger)

1. Press the button to display a dotted-line, face the desired destination and let go of the button to warp there once the circle has turned blue.

2. If the circle is red, warp to that location is not possible.

Adjust the angle and position of your wrist to move the dotted-line and destination circle closer or further away.

Skillful movement will be critical to mission success!

In VR, objects may be further away than they appear. Even if an object appears within reach, it may be further away than expected. When gripping an object, step forward, and reach from as close to the object as possible. Simply aim for the bottom of the pedestal and move directly ahead as shown in the picture.

[Tip] Remember to take a step forward when attempting to grip an object.

Shatter the Spheres

Each Sphere is vital to the operation and defense of the Planet Destroyer Weapon. Destroy all of the Spheres to reveal an Energy Core.

Destroy the Energy Cores

Energy Cores are used as the primary power source for the Planet Destroyer Weapon. We believe that destroying them will put the weapon out of commission... permanently.

Hammers Shatter Spheres

Though the hammers are usually used in maintenance operations, compromised androids can use them to shatter Spheres.

Hammers are Spawned from Hammer Grips

Use of Hammer Grips eliminates the need to constantly locate hammers on your own.

About Multiplayer and

Friend Registration

Enigma Sphere includes multiplayer support.

Select Auto-Match to play with a random player.


This process varies slightly between Steam and Oculus Home, but the basics are the same.


Multiplayer on Steam Make sure the person you would like to play with is already registered as a friend on Steam.

How to Add a Friend

1. Tap “Friends” on the header menu

2. Select “Add Friend”

3. Enter the name or group name of the person you'd like to add

4. Select “Add Friend” for the correct friend or group

How to be Added as a Friend
1. After receiving an invite from another user, select the “New Message” icon and then select the new message icon. Alternatively, you may tap the “Friends” tab on the header bar and select, “Display Friends List”.
2. The invited player should then select “Accept”.

Setting up a Multiplayer Session

Select “Multiplayer”
Select “Create Private Room”
Select a stage to play.
For this example, select “Stage1”

In the left pane of the lobby screen,

select a player from the Friend Select board

Select “Invite”
A notification will appear in VR for the person who was invited.
When using Steam, the invited player will be shown a notification icon and will need to return to Desktop to accept the invitation. Once the invitation is accepted, the player will be loaded into the game lobby.

[ENIGMA SPHERE]...is a pretty ambitious co-op game. - UploadVR

“[ENIGMA SPHERE]... is a Portal-like puzzle game, and Portal lovers should be excited to play it.” - INSIDE

“[ENIGMA SPHERE]... breathes new life into the interactive movie genre while adding elements of the newly emerging "escape" genre in a VR setting.” - IGN Japan

“[ENIGMA SPHERE]... has a visceral pleasure, and a smooth gameplay feel that is made in Japan.” - GAME Watch

“[ENIGMA SPHERE]... supports up to two players, and is even more satisfying when played with a friend.”  

-  Famitsu App