ENIGMA SPHERE is a first-person VR Escape game designed for both single and co-op gameplay. Step into the shoes of a Superagent, humanity’s last hope, to find the mysterious Spheres and smash them to bits with your hammer!
Embark on your mission solo or team up with other Superagents online in Co-op mode. Work together to solve puzzles, shatter the Spheres, and give high fives to each other for a planet-saving job well done!

 Nominated for the Indie Game Award at Tokyo Game Show 2016 

“[ENIGMA SPHERE]...is a pretty ambitious co-op game.” - UploadVR
“[ENIGMA SPHERE]... is a Portal-like puzzle game, and Portal lovers should be excited to play it.” - INSIDE
“[ENIGMA SPHERE]... breathes new life into the interactive movie genre while adding elements of the newly emerging "escape" genre in a VR setting.” - IGN Japan
“[ENIGMA SPHERE]... has a visceral pleasure, and a smooth gameplay feel that is made in Japan.” - GAME Watch
“[ENIGMA SPHERE]... supports up to two players, and is even more satisfying when played with a friend.”  -  Famitsu App